With a policy of continuous improvement and driven by the desire to always be at the forefront

Acústica Industrial is present in all fields of action of the acoustic discipline. It carries out the entire action process, when addressing a problem of noise or acoustic conditioning, until its final resolution.

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Carrying out previous standardized diagnostic tests. In situ sonometric evaluation under ENAC accreditation through our AVALUA test laboratory.

Analysis and diagnosis

Applied acoustic engineering work based on the initial tests, in observance of regulatory requirements.

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Calculation and prescription

Office work to determine the appropriate corrective measures with viable implementation systems. 3D response modelling or other technological tools to ensure results.

Design and production

Development of innovative designs applied to each case study. Differential and avant-garde creations with certified results. Resource optimization and response assurance based on extensive experience.

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Execution of the action

Integral materialization of the entire chain or phases of the project. Development of action and execution protocols with specialized installation carried out in a timely manner.

Quality control

Detailed control and monitoring of the work through in situ verification of response with rehearsals and permanent verification of the action. Preparation of report reports.

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Final certification

Carrying out standardized tests and sonometric evaluations of final certification of work based on the applicable regulatory documents.

Our working methodology

We offer coverage in continuous acoustic consulting for the promoter and the facultative management.