In today’s society, its continuous hustle and bustle has firmly consolidated the need to enjoy a holiday getaway.

We seek to find moments of relaxation combined with moments of leisure. Experiences we want to share with the people we care about.

And no matter how much our environment changes, to our social, environmental and technological dynamics; There is one issue that humanity will not give up and that is, to have fun. To have those spaces and moments of tranquility combined with those of leisure to visit, even if it is sporadically.

The fundamental question is to be able to do it with respect. To oneself, to the environmental environment and to others.

As an engineer and installer specialized in applied acoustics, through our laboratory accredited by ENAC, AVALUA, and Industrial Acoustics; Our mission is clear, to provide a technical response to the activities of the sector that guarantee its operation within regulatory observance by generating innovative and differentiating specific designs and projects that meet its objective.

Precisely to guarantee its viability of operation, allowing the cohabitation of uses and coexistence. Respect and you will be respected.

Therefore, we always act on a premise of action:

“Enjoy the silence, enjoy music.”

Science has shown that silence can be just what we need to regenerate our exhausted brains and bodies. But at the same time, music stimulates our most emotional part and is recorded in the most remote part of our memory, evoking us to very intense experiential moments that we will hardly forget.

The combination of both aspects, emphasizing the defining sensory attributes of the hotel, has allowed, through our technical specialization of action, the materialization of this unique project, Amàre Beach Hotel Ibiza.



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