MarinaBeachClubValencia, an innovative and unique Mediterranean leisure gastronomic space. Acoustic project designed by AVALUA, nominated to enter the list of “The World’s 100 Best Clubs 2019”.

Developing and implementing a unique project to cover special acoustic needs, is a challenge that from the engineering of #AVALUA and #AcústicaIndustrial we assume with rigor, precision, but above all with passion, being aware that our work also has the objective of contributing value and benefits to society.

Guaranteeing coexistence and cohabitation of uses is the leitmotif that drives us. We need spaces of silence, to guarantee rest and leisure spaces for citizen interrelation; More in a Mediterranean environment like ours where we can fully enjoy the outdoors.

Spaces as unique as the Marina Beach Club Valencia represent a privilege of technical action allowing a result of excellence so that we can all enjoy a leisure activity with the highest sound quality.

All this thanks to the great team of professionals, highly qualified and with extensive experience, together with the great team of collaborators. This is the case of audiovisual systems engineer Pepe Ferrer, who has regulated and equalised the professional audio system of EAW, the world’s leading manufacturer. Electroacoustic equipment that allows us total sound control and directivity, preserving the immission to the environment.

Our acoustic projects of passive/active design, electroacoustic reconceptualization, evaluation and continuous sonometric monitoring, allow us to provide the permanent guarantee of regulatory compliance.

Our philosophy is: Enjoy the silence, enjoy music.

Innovation of acoustic performance to achieve maximum control. A set of active and passive measures to confine and enjoy sound where it belongs, minimizing its dispersion in the environment and with control, management, and surveillance through continuous permanent sonometric monitoring offered by the SiMSo AVALUA system.

Conception, design and calculation, prescription, thorough and correct execution and implementation of the system, verification and continuous sonometric certification. Our greatest reference, the satisfactory results of highly demanding activities such as the Marina Beach Club Valencia, an exponent.

In recent days, some media have echoed the nominations to enter the list of ‘The World’s 100 Best Clubs’ 2019. Classification published annually by the International Nightlife Association, Nightlife International.

Statewide, 51 nightlife venues have been nominated. From AVALUA and Industrial Acoustics we are truly proud to have been able to contribute to this excellence on a global scale of these leisure activities.

We are honored that our clients and projects are at the top of the list of current nominations, along with those awarded and consolidated already in previous editions. Ushuaïa Beach Club Ibiza, Hï Ibiza, Lio Ibiza, Destination Pacha Ibiza, DC-10 Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza, to which is added the recent nomination of the Marina Beach Club Valencia.

The contribution of this fundamental vector of respect for the environment is key to the development and proper functioning of these activities. Combined with the best musical quality, this constitutes a total differential fact of good business practice and social responsibility.



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